Building openwrt package

In the previous article

Building OpenWrt firmware

we described how to build the OpenWrt for the TP-Link TL-MR3420 V1 router. Now we show how to build a package, vsftpd, and install it using the shell command window

As for the firmware building execute

and access the section for this package, i.e.  Network->File Transfer, and enable it as moduleOpenWrtModulovsftpdSave the settings  in the .config file and execute

At the end of the task the package is available in the packages folder under the router platformOpenWrtModulovsftpdCompilatoTransfer the file on the router as root using scp (WinScp on windows) into the folder /tmp. In this case don’t update the packages repository using the web interface (if done reboot the device); log on to the router  using ssh as root and execute the command

OpenWrt offers many packages that allow you to greatly enhance the functionality of the device, but some packages require more resources, so you can install them on routers with more powerful hardware.