Nodemcu Firmware

As discussed in previous article

ESP8266 WiFi Module

we’ll work on the ESP8266 SOC using the Nodemcu firmware

Firmware Nodemcu

Nodemcu is, to date at rev., based on LUA 5.1.4. It is based upon Expressif SDK NONOS

Expressif SDK NONOS

It uses the spiffs filesystem

spiffs filesystem

We can get the firmware, as specified at the link

Nodemcu building

with different methods

  • Using a cloud service, specifying the additional modules if required

Nodemcu Custom Build

  • Using a Docker system

Docker Nodemcu Build

  •  Using cross compilation under a Linux system

We’ll descrive how to install the cross compilation envinronment under our Debian machine described in previous post.

The easiest way to get a default firmware is to use the Nodemcu Flasher tool.

In the next article we’ll treat how to load the firmware using various tools, among which the Nodemcu Flasher tool

How to flash the Nodemcu firmware