How to flash the Nodemcu firmware

In previous article we described the ESP8266 wifi module integrate into the Nodemcu development kit

ESP8266 WiFi Module

Here we look at how to load the firmware on the device.

First step is to assess the nodemcu development kit model we are working with. In our case we’ll perform the various operations with a development board Nodemcu V0.9. The USB-Serial chipset in this case is the CH340G

The drivers for this chipset can be downloaded directly from github of nodemcu

USB-Serial Drivers

To load the firmware, you can use the methods described in the Nodemcu site

Flashing Firmware

Basically there are two main methods:

  • Flash through the Windows Nodemcu Flasher tool

Nodemcu Flasher

  • Flash via a utility in Python to use in Linux, OSX or Windows


The Nodemcu flasher tool allows you to load a default firmware on the card  intuitively and quickly.

As can be seen from the above documentation of the  devkit you do not need to take any action on the pin GPI0 ESP to put the devive in flash mode; the flash operation and execution start automatically.

In the next article we’ll flash the firmware using the Nodemcu Flasher tool

Flashing the firmware with Nodemcu Flasher