Flashing the firmware using Nodemcu Flasher

In the previous article we examined the different ways to flash the firmware

Flashing Nodemcu firmware

Now we describe how to proceed in Windows.

Looking at the Nodemcu firmware github

Nodemcu github

we find the followng application for Windows

 Nodemcu flasher

 We download the version compatible with our Windows operating system (32 or 64 bit)

First operation is to install the USB-Serial chip drivers of our Nodemcu Devkit, as specified in previous article. We have a devkit Nodemcu ver. 0.9, so we have to install the CH340G drivers

CH340G Drivers

After the drivers installation we can download the Nodemcu flasher in a folder and plug the  USB-Micro Usb cable between the pc and the devkit. Our COM port should be visible in the Windows device manager in the COM  devices list


In our case it is available on the COM port 5.

The steps to follow are the following:

  • Run Nodemcu Flasher and choose the COM5 port.


  • In Config select  INTERNAL://NODEMCU  with address 0x00000.


  •  In Advanced we have the following parameters
    • Baudate: 9600 as specified in our devkit.
    • Flash size: 4MByte. Flash size of our devkit.
    • Flash Speed: 40MHz. The default speed.
    • SPI Mode: DIO is the default for 4Mb flash size.


  • Proceed with the flash of the firmware pressing the FLASH button


  • The application shows a progress bar of the operation


At the end you can close the window and make sure everything is working properly using a LUA script uploader program, which we’ll see in the next article

Uploading LUA code