Lua sample code for esp8266

As mentioned in the previous article

how to upload nodemcu firmware with esptool

we are now ready to upload some example code on ESP8266 system.

We follow the LUA Nodemcu documentation

Nodemcu LUA Documentation

and upload a simple http server on the system.

Using ESPlorer  we  upload the following code, a modified version of the code available on the github. Modify the fields “SSID” and “password” with the the values of your Wi-fi Router.

webserver pin

Save the file as ipstatico.lua. With ESPlorer upload the file to nodemcu devkit with “Save to ESP” button .
Create a second file named init.lua

Save this file on the device.

Reboot the device with the reset command on ESPlorer tool and from the ESPlorer  command bar execute

ESPlorerThis command  provides us the ip acquired by the device. We are able now to access with a browser to the assigned ip address, discovered above, and interact with a small interface that allows us to activate or not the PIN1 output


With this method, however, we need to know the Access Point to which you must connect. To overcome this limitation, we can use the enduser_sertup module

Enduser_setup module

With this module we start the ESP8266 device as an access point with a portal on which we can enter the credentials of the access point which we  want to connect.

In the next article we’ll build the nodemcu firmware by adding the  enduser setup module, not available in the standard firmware, and we will do the same example using this  module

Enduser_setup module sample