Startup of the Beaglebone development board

In a previous article we have given a brief description of Beaglebone Black board and its variants.

 Beaglebone development board

The BeagleBone in this review comes with 4GB of space on board, and with the operating system already installed.

We can access the BeagleBone, in our case the Black, without using the Ethernet network, but connecting it to a PC through the mini service USB connection as specified on the BeagleBone site

Getting started with Beaglebone

After connecting the BeagleBone Black to the PC via the USB cable we find  another removable  device to the existing disks

Beaglebone removable diskRunning start.htm we start an interface similar to the one available on  the  getting-started web site

getting startedWe proceed to the installation of network-over-USB drivers for the  operating system, Windows 64-bit in our case

driver network over usbProceed to download the file and run it, providing the permissions required by Windows

beaglebone driver installerAt the end the window with the performed operations is shown

beaglebone driver installer summaryUsing Firefox or Chrome we access to the following address; we access in this way to the web server, running on Beaglebone board, through network over  USB

beaglebone web siteThe page shows how to update the system, login to the IDECloud9, perform various  Bonescript examples.

The access to the Cloud9 IDE

Cloud9 IDE Informations

takes place on port 3000 to the IP address specified above, ie

cloud9 ideIn our examples, we will not change the operating system present on the internal eMMC card but we will download an updated version of Debian for BeagleBone and will install it on a micro sd card.

The system can be closed  using  the Power button on board

power buttonor by connecting via ssh at address with the debian user ,using temppwd as password, and executing the command “sudo poweroff”

sshIn the next article we will proceed to download and install on a micro sd card the last Debian image for BeagleBone

Debian sd card setup for Beaglebone Black