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Remote control configuration for Openelec in Orange PI PC

In this page we describe how to setup a remote control to control Kodi on our Openelec distribution on Orange PI PC board. We connect an USB keyboard,  an ethernet cable  and an HDMI cable to the Orange PI PC to manage the system, connect to the network and connect to the TV respectively.

First we have to check the IP Address assigned to Openelec by the network router; we access in System->System Info


In Summary  we can read the Ip address (eg:


Now we are able to logon in ssh in Openelec. In Windows systems we have to download and execute putty, available at the following address


In  Linux ed Osx systems we use a shell command and execute (where IP_OPENELEC is eg.:

The logon password is:openelec

In windows we configure Putty using the Orange Pi PC IP address obtained above, check SSH; after saving with a name to this connection we connect with the Open button

PuTTY Configuration

To connect into the Openelec system we have to use the following values:

Login as: root


Now we are able to setup our remote control


Execute the following commands

Follow the instrucions on the screen. In particular push all the buttons; in the second part of the configuration we have to map the remote controlo buttons with the operating system codes (eg: KEY_OK, KEY_PLAY, KEY_RED, etc). We have the main codes in the file

In the remote.xml file

we have the mapping among Kodi actions and the operating system events .

The command

shows all the events available in our system.

At the end of the procedure we reboot the system with the command

Now we can control Openelec with our remote control.

Here is the lircd.conf generated by the procedure described above


If you need to relaunch the procedure, remove the lircd.conf file and execute again the above commands.

You are able to access the configuration directory using also the windows samba protocol


First start of Openelec on Orange PI PC

After the micro sd setup, we insert it into the Orange PI PC slot; we connect the board to the TV using an HDMI cable,  then we connect to the board an USB keyboard, an USB mouse, an ethernet cable linked to a router and turn on the device.

At the startup Openelec extends the micro sd available space and at the next start  we have


Choose Next to proceed to the next screen in which eventually modify the hostname


With Next we are able now to view the IP address assigned to the board


At the next screen the system presents the available network services


Enable the SSH service


At the next step we have the final screen


And finally we access the Openelec interface