SD card setup for Orange PI PC Armbian in OSX

As already described in the previous article

Openelec SD card setup

also for the Armbian distribution we have to prepare an sd micro card. It is advisable to use a micro SD class 10 to gain better performances. As first step  we proceed to the Armbian  image download from Armbian web site

Download Armbian Orange PI PC

We choose for example the Debian Jessie Desktop Image. We expand the content using a compression software, as Keka


obtaining one file having .raw extension


Then we plug the micro sd card and find this device

In our case we have the following output

We proceed to the device unmout; in our case the command is

WARNING: Be sure that the device is the micro sd card and not the internal disk. The next operation imply the complete rewriting of the device with the loss of all data on it.

We can now write the image into the micro sd card, using the correct device, that in our case is /dev/disk2

WARNING: This operation wipes all data on the micro sd card.

After a while we have the micro sd card ready to be used in the Orange PI PC board.