OpenATV Enigma2 image compilation

In this article we describe how to generate an OpenATV image, based on the Enigma 2 framework


 Atfer the compilation envinronment installation, described in this previous article

Debian envinroment setup

we can proceed as described below.

Execute the logon into Debian envinronment with the development user (sviluppo in our example). In the home directory create the enigma2 folder

 Install the following packages

Modify the shell as bash executing

and choosing the NO option.

Create under openatv an enigma2 folder

At this step let’s create a folder sources; this folder will contain all the sources for the various set-top boxes we would like to compile

Using the git command we clone locally the oe-alliance repository

After this task enter into build-envinronment folder and execute

Now we modifiy the source dowload folder editing the site.conf file and changing the parameter as described below from


We are ready now to proceed to the image compilation.

From the build-envinronment to generate, for example, the image for Airdigital Zgemma H2H set-top box execute

For the Xtrend ET10000 set-top box

At the end of the process we’ll find the image ready to be uploaded on the set-top box in the deploy folder for each machine type; in the case of the Zgemma H2H the folder is


The zip file contains for the Zgemma H2H the file to be unzipped on the usb pen and uploaded on the device.

WARNING: The image installation on the device is at your own risk. We accept no responsibility if the installation leads to  malfunction or block of the device.