Remote control configuration for Libreelec on Amlogic Socs

In the previous article we installed on a microsd card Libreelec and started the device with this image

Libreelec Image for Amlogic socs

The remote control of the Beelink Minimx III is basic, so to have more keys  we decided to associate another remote control to the box.

We chose the following remote control that has more buttons included

remote control

According to this document on Amlogic site, although prepared in Chinese, through the use of online translators

How to change IR codes

It shows that the soc Amlogic natively manages the NEC protocol for remote controls and through remote.conf file we can associate the remote control code to the Linux system events. The map of the codes for the Linux system events is available in the header files of the Linux kernel

Input Event Codes

As a first step we log on Libreelec in ssh with root/libreelec. Copy the  /etc/amremote/libreelec.conf file as remote.conf in /storage/.config folder

and edit it as follows

Load the new codes of the remote file with the command

Press some button of the new remote control and run

In the case of compatible remote control we should see messages as shown below

The format is as follows: 0xAABBCCCC. Following Amlogic document linked above, the remote control code for a specific key is 0xBB; while defining the remote control code we have to use 0xCCCC0001. AA corresponds to the inverse logic of the command. In the case of the above example

BB = 0x51 = 01010001 in binary. The logical inverse = 10101110 in binary, which is just 0xAE.

AA = 0xAE. Binary = 10101110

The AA code is not used for our remote control configuration.

Press all the buttons on remote control and run the dmesg -c command. In our case we have the following codes

The mapping of the remote control in kodi is  in the /usr/share/kodi/system/keymaps/remote.xml file.

We mapped the remote control codes to the Linux input events. As an example let’s consider the Power button. The remote control code is

The KEY_POWER  event in the input-event-codes.h file is

We  created a link between the remote control code and the event in Linux in the  key_begin, key_end section of  the remote.conf file

Between the two data

insert a space, as indicated in Amlogic document linked above . The file used in this case is available at the following link


At the restart of the box Libreleelc reads the new configuration in /storage/.config/remote.conf  allowing so the use of the new remote control.