Openelec compilation for Orange PI PC

In this article we describe how to proceed to compile the Openelec image for the Orange PI PC card.

From the Orange PI PC forum, in the Openelec section the developers describe the steps to compile the image

Openelec Orange PI PC FAQ

In previous blogs we described how to install debian and how to modify the script.bin file to adapt the hdmi output to our television

Debian installation

Output resolution change

The compilation takes a long time; it is advisable to use multicore processors to speed up the compilation process.

Create a folder, openelec, under orangepi folder and move into it

Install the following packages

With git download the github sources in the local  OPENELEC-OPIPC folder

After the above operation access to OPENELEC-OPIPC folder

Execute the following command

The process check prerequisities and installs additional packages

Insert the root password when required; after the prerequisites installation the compilation begins.

At the end of the compilation in the target folder we find the files to install or update Openelec

  1. The file having the .img.gz extension is to upack and tranfer to a micro sd card as described in previous
  2. The file with .tar extension is to be copied in the update folder on the Openelec system; this file updates the system when rebooting the Orange PI PC cardupdate