Armbian Boot on Orange PI PC

After the creation of the micro sd card with the Armbian image for Orange PI PC

Armbian image on micro sd

we can boot the Orange PI PC with the card inserted in the card slot. At the boot the first operation is the partition increase on the card, then the system requires the root password change from the default, 1234, to a new password. The next operation is the creation of a normal Debian user, for example user1; we provide the main required informations like username, password and letting the default  for the other fields. After these steps the system opens the XFCE graphical interface with the default resolution. To change the resolution execute the following command

It shows a list with all the available options; to enable a 1080p60 resolution execute

 To change the locales configuration execute the following command choosing the language to use

while to modify the keyboard layout use the following command