Generating Images for BeagleBone with Omap Image Builder

This article describes how to proceed to the autonomous creation of an image for the BeagleBone Black /Green using the Omap Image Builder. In this specific example we create the image for the BeagleBone Black Rev. C.

The informations on the procedure to be followed are available on the site

Omap image builder

As a prerequisite to the creation of the image there is the need to perform the operations on arm hardware; with other systems it is possible to have issues. To this end, we will proceed to perform tasks on a  Orange PI PC with Armbian operating system. After preparing the Armbian system for Orange PI PC, as described in

Armbian Boot on Orange PI PC

log  in  ssh on Orange PI PC; in our case we used the sviluppo/password credentials

ssh on Orange PI PC

It is possible also to connect  by enabling Remote Desktop

Remote desktop setup for Armbian on Orange PI PC

Create a folder named beaglebone

Clone the code to create the image

The folder tree is the following

We proceed first to the creation of a standard Debian 8 image for Beaglebone Black

The task takes a long time and creates other folders including the deploy folder within which we will find the images. At the end go into deploy /image folder and run

Compress the created image with the command

To create a customized image proceed as follows:

  1. Go into the image-builder/configs folder and copy a configuration as base named custom-debian.conf. We have used as a base configuration In custom-debian.conf add the following changes in  the deb_include section; as example we add the vsftpd server; change the chroot_script value too

    To exclude packages to be installed use the deb_exclude section. In the script are commented the various sections, among which we find those about  the definition of the hostname, passwords, user name creation, etc.
  2. Navigate to the image-builder/target/chroot folder and copy as
  3. If you want to add python packages edit the file and add the other packages in install_pip_pkgs function

In this example we added only the ftp server. Go into the image-builder folder and run the command

The task  takes a long time. At the end access to the deploy/imagename folder and run

Compress the created image with the command

You can create now the micro sd card  with the FTP server available in the image  and the hostname changed in beagleboneblack.

The microSD burning  is already described in the article

Debian sdcard setup for Beaglebone Black

On Omap image builder site you’ll find other images types among which we highlight those for BeagleBone Black, Green, Iot, Machine Kit (image to manage Machinekit CNC machines), etc.