Resolution change of the video output in Openelec on Orange PI PC (Part1)

In the Orange PI Openelec image the default video output resolution is 1080p60. If our tv works with a different resolution we’ll have no image on the television.

To overcome this problem it is possible to change the resolution and fps  for the video output.

The micro sd has two partitions. We have to work in the vfat partition


We have to modify the script.bin file.


In the home partition of the debian user (sviluppo in our case) create a folder orangepi; inside this folder create another folder called  sunxi. Go into sunxi folder

Follow the instructions available from linux-sunxi site in order to modify the script.bin file. As first step install the required tools

Sunxi Tools

We have to install the libusb package, as described below

Install git and pkg-config

Now using git download the tool sources

Go into folder

Execute the tools compilation

We are now able to modify the Orange PI PC parameters available in the script.bin file.

Create a folder under sunxi, for example scriptfile

Add to th ePATH variable the sunxi tools folders executables

Now in next article we can modify the parameters of video output in the script.bin file