OpenWrt firmware

In this article we describe briefly OpenWrt


As stated in the above link OpenWrt is a linux distribution for wireless devices. It is available for different routers as listed in the following page

OpenWrt Supported Devices

The firmware is an open source one, it is modular with the possibility to use various packages.

At the following link we find the documentation about packages and the opkg command


After the OpenWrt firmware installation we can login using the ssh protocol in a unix shell command and check the installed packages, installable package and so on.

The command

shows the available packages for the device.

This command works if the list of the repositories is available in the opkg.conf file,

OpenWrt packages repositories

but the same operation is available trhrough the web interface

First we log on to the router with a browserOpenWrtLoginWe access to the Software sectionOpenWrtSoftwarepngWe press the Update lists buttonOpenWrtSoftwareUpdateListThe list is loadedOpenWrtSoftwareListNow we search for a package, for example vsftpdOpenWrtSoftwareUpdateListAfter the search we can proceed to the installationOpenWrtSoftwareInstallvsftpdWe can find it among the installed packagesOpenWrtSoftwarevsftpdInstallatoIn future articles we will describe how to build the image for your router along with an additional package

Building OpenWrt firmware