Building Armbian image for Orange PI PC

We treat now the bulding of the image Armbian for Orange PI PC. From the developer’s github

Armbian Github

we find the steps to do the task.

From the Armbian site

Building Armbian

the supported building envinronment is Ubuntu. In our test we use Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS x86-64


and our Debian 8.5 envinroment used for the other tasks described on this site. With Ubuntu the script installs all the required packages to build the image.  On the Armbian web site we can find also various compilation options..

Using Debian 8.5 as host, we have to exectute some prerequisites tasks described below. In the case of issues execute the building on Ubuntu..

First we install the cross compilation envinronment in Debian

We have to create the file  crosstools.list in /etc/apt/sources.list.d

Edit this file and add the line

Save the file and add the repository key using curl. We install the curl package

and add the key

Now we are ready to install the packages and architecture as listed below

At this point the procedure is the same on Ubuntu or Debian. We create a folder called armbian under orangepi folder in the home folder of the linux system; in our case the user is sviluppo

We clone the repository with the following command in a shell command window in the armbian folder

To build the image execute

When requested enter the root password and for our image select the options described below.

  • Full OS image


  • Orangepipc board


  • default kernel


  • Debian stable image


  • Image with desktop envinronment


We find the image under the folder output/images ready to be transferred on a micro sd card as described in previous article