Installation and configuration of the Openwrt Image on Linkit 7688 and 7688 Duo

After you have attached to the board the support devices,  as specified in the previous article

Linkit 7688 Duo Connections

and built the image

OpenWrt building for Linkit 7688 and 7688 Duo

we upload the image to the device.

Following the documentation availble at the link

Update the firmware with a USB drive

to update the firmware copy the openwrt-ramips-mt7688-LinkIt7688-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin file to the root directory of a FAT32 USB drive and rename it as lks7688.img.

Attach, now,  the USB drive to the HOST port of the board with an OTG cable and follow the steps

  1. Press and hold the on-board WiFi button.
  2. Press the MPU reset button once, while holding the WiFi button
  3. Keep holding the WiFi button for about 5 seconds. Do not release until the orange LED for WiFi is off.  DO NOT press the WiFi button longer than 20s or it will upgrade the bootloader.
  4. The device will automatically reboot after firmware update is complete.


You can control the operation via the USB TTL serial connected to the PC and activated on the enabled Com port  with the following settings

  • Port:  Enabled COM
  • Speed: 57600
  • Data Bits: 8
  • Stop Bits: 1
  • Parity: None
  • Flow Control: XON/XOFF

putty-configurationUse, for example, putty to connect, press Enter if the screen is not active,  and check the steps the system is runnig when upgrading


When the orange LED starts blinking at a lower frequency the card is ready to be used.

Search for visible access points from your PC  and you should find an access point named LinkIT_Smart_7688_xxxxxx, where xxxxxx identifies the specific device.

Connect to this Access Point and access via browser at or at mylinkit.local if you have satisfied the prerequisites

Getting started

collegamentolinkitEnter a password and access the next step

collegamentolinkit2Select OpenWrt for Advanced Configuration

collegamentolinkit3Set the password on OpenWrt

collegamentolinkit4entering it twice

collegamentolinkit5At this point, the system is configured as an Access Point. In our case, we wanted to set the Link 7688 Duo as a client of an Access Point with WPA2 security. To get this setting, if you have a visible network, go to the Network section of the main web console interface

accesso_linkit-smart_network1set the values for the Access Point and restart the system


If the Access Point is hidden, you should set the parameters directly in the configuration files in /etc /config.

Connect with putty to the previously connected USB TTL serial and  run the commands for Access Points with wpa2 security

 Save the settings

and activate the new configuration

Check the /etc/config/wireless file; you should see the addition of a new section, config wifi-iface ‘ap’,  to connect the board  to the access point

Now the card acts as a client and you can access it using the address released by the Access Point or by name as indicated by the documentation

Getting started

accesso_linkit-smartIn the next article, we’ll install and configure  the custom Lede firmware

Installation and configuration of Lede image on Linkit 7688 Duo