ESP32 – Nodemcu firmware compiling

After  the compilation of the MicroPython firmware for ESP32

ESP32 – MicroPython compiling for ESP32

this article shows how to generate the Nodemcu firmware for the ESP32 MCU.

The firmware is not yet complete as the one existing for ESP8266.

The instructions can be found on the github at the link

The compilation documentation is available at the link

The operating system used is Debian 9 previously encountered for the esptool and Adafruit-ampy utilities

MicroPython – Python on embedded devices

Log on  with the operating system user on Debian 9, sviluppo in our case; under the home folder  create the Esp32 folder and inside this folder the  nodemcu  folder

Clone the repository

To update the cloned repository follow the description on the compilation link, i.e.

Go into  nodemcu-firmware-esp32 folder and run

nodemcu-settingsEnable the bluetooth  in Component config–>Bluetooth

nodemcu-bluetoothEnable various modules in Component config–>Nodemcu modules

nodemcu-modulesIn the flash settings we set the default values for our ESP32,  Serial flasher config->

nodemcu-flashSave the configuration and exit. To build the firmware run

At the end of the compilation the command to upload the firmware  is shown; the same operation is executed  by simply running

For informations about the partitions of the various ESP32 versions, refer to the documentation


In the next article we’ll  show how to make an application using the Espressif SDK

ESP32 – IDF Sdk