Enigma2 package compilation

After the enigma2 compilation

Enigma 2 image compilation

we show how to create a package.

In the recipes-local folder

we create a folder for our package, for example testpackage, and a subfolder files

In the file testpackage.c, in the files folder, we insert the test code

We have to create the Readme.txt in the files folder and the LICENSE file  in the testpackage folder. The Readme.txt file contains informations about the application. For the LICENSE, without information at the moment, we have to generate the hash to insert into the bitbake file.

md5sum command creates the md5 file for the LICENSE

Now we are ready to create the bitbake testpackage_0.1.bb file in the testpackage folder; here is the content of this file

We are now ready to compile the testpackage. We use the Zgemma envinronment to compile the files, as described below

The package is available in the folder shown below

To install the package on the Zgemma H2H we have to trasfer the  testpackage_0.1-r0_mips32el.ipk file on  ZGemma H3 in the /tmp folder and execute in a shell, accessible using the telnet application, the following command

To force the installation use

The executable is available in the /usr/bin folder; the execution gives us the expected output